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In the event you that Copper is not regarding the best position, examine placement (that have ultrasound, if necessary)

In the event you that Copper is not regarding the best position, examine placement (that have ultrasound, if necessary)

Preparation Knowledge

Have fun with rigid aseptic process throughout planning. Look at the accessibility a keen analgesic Insertion regarding Copper tends to be for the soreness and you may/otherwise bleeding or vasovagal responses (age.grams. syncope, bradycardia, or seizure) especially in patients having good predisposition to the periods. Insertion on the a good uterine hole measuring below 6 cm get improve the frequency out-of expulsion, hemorrhaging, soreness, and you can perforation.

Insertion Process

  • Use tight aseptic techniques on the insertion techniques. Having fun with sterile gloves, flex the fresh T-Palms away from Copper by foldable both lateral hands down facing new stem.
  • Even though using sterile gloves is preferred, in cases where sterile gloves are not readily available, you’re able to do this task when you’re Copper is in the sterile package. Place the plan face abreast of a flush skin. Open regarding bottom prevent where arrow states “open”. Pull the fresh new good light pole regarding plan and put they back into the package putting they carefully with the installation tubing, making certain the new distal avoid of one’s rod stays sterile. Lay flash and you can index finger on the exterior the box, on top of the closes of lateral possession. Explore other side to drive installation pipe facing arms away from Copper (found because of the arrow during the Profile 3). This can start bending the newest T-Arms down. Note that the fresh new possession away from Copper will be collapsed down in order to ensure best installation.
  • Give brand new thumb and you will list digit nearer along with her on the outside of your bundle to keep flexing new fingers until he’s with the stalk. Use the other hand to help you withdraw the fresh insertion tubing some therefore that the insertion tubing are pressed and you may turned along the information of T-Palms. Only the information of your own T-Arms can be regarding the installation tubing. Don’t progress not in the copper collars. Submit solid white pole toward base of your own installation tube until they joins the base of the fresh IUS. Do not hop out brand new lateral hands of Copper curved for more than five minutes, since the fingers may not discover securely.

Due to the fact significantly more than strategies was completed and you may Copper is in the insertion pipe, learn the insertion pipe at open-end of one’s bundle; to alter the fresh bluish flange so the range regarding the better of your Copper installation tubing is the same as the new uterine breadth measured towards uterine sound otherwise make use of the sterile credit to adjust brand new blue flange according to the premeasured uterine breadth.

  • Release brand new fingers from Copper by the holding the fresh solid white pole steady and you can withdrawing the brand new installation pipe no more than one to centimeter. This launches brand new hands away from Copper chock-full of the latest uterine fundus.
  • Lightly and you may very carefully circulate the insertion tubing upward with the the newest fundus of your womb, up until limited resistance was experienced. This can verify keeping Copper in the highest possible reputation when you look at the womb. Don’t use the white pole given that a great plunger to get or type Copper.
  • Secure the insertion pipe steady and you will withdraw the new solid light rod. Do not eliminate the strong light rod in addition to insertion pipe meanwhile to quit accidental pulling of threads.

If the Copper isn’t organized entirely for the womb, eliminate it and you can replace it with a brand new Copper. Don’t reinsert a keen expelled otherwise partially expelled Copper.

Postplacement Handling of Paraguard

See the feminine immediately after the girl first menses to ensure you to definitely Copper has been positioned. You need to be able to picture or be only the posts. The size of the visible posts can get changes in time. However, no action needs if you don’t suspect partial expulsion, perforation, pregnancy, or breakage.

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