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Microsoft Announces Limited Access to Its Neural Text-to-Speech AI

Microsoft Announces Limited Access to Its Neural Text-to-Speech AI

Feb 14, 2021 3 min read

Recently, Microsoft announced restricted usage of its neural text-to-speech AI called Personalized Neural Voice. The solution permits designers to generate customized artificial sounds.

The Personalized Neural Voice is really a Text-to-Speech (TTS) function of Speech in Azure Cognitive solutions enabling users to generate a one-of-a-kind personalized voice that is synthetic their brand name. Because the preview a year ago in September, the function aided a few clients such as for example AT&T, Duolingo, Progressive, and Swisscom to build up branded message solutions because of their clients. The function is typically available (GA), yet access for clients to Personalized Neural Voice includes controls that are technical avoid misuse for the solution – they need to make an application for it.

Microsoft’s underlying TTS that are neural for Personalized Neural Voice is made of three major elements: Text Analyzer, Neural Acoustic Model, and Neural Vocoder. The component that is first Text Analyzer, accounts for creating normal, artificial message from text. The writing is very first input into Text Analyzer, which provides output in the form of phoneme (a simple device of sound that distinguishes one word from another in a certain language) series. Next, the phonemes sequence describes the pronunciations regarding the words provided within the text, which switches into the Neural Acoustic Model to anticipate acoustic features that comprise message signals, for instance the timbre, talking design, rate, intonations, and anxiety habits. Last but not least, the Neural Vocoder converts the acoustic features into audible waves to build speech that is synthetic.

Neural TTS vocals models are trained making use of deep networks that are neural on genuine sound recording examples. With Personalized Neural Voice’s modification ability, clients can adjust the Neural TTS engine to fit their individual situations better. To leverage customized voice that is neural clients need an Azure account and membership. Later, after approval for making use of the function, they could begin a voice that is custom, upload data, train, test, and deploy the vocals model.

There are many use instances feasible for clients to profit through the Personalized Neural Voice, such as for example customer care chatbots, sound assistants, on line learning, audiobooks, general general public solution notices, and real-time translations. One previous adopter, Swiss , desired to create more engaging customer experiences because they build a vocals assistant that uniquely represents its brand name. The author wrote in a Microsoft Switzerland news item

Utilizing the Speech solution, Swisscom has offered its clients usage of a sensible, multilingual vocals associate, assisting enhance the client experience and speed up a unique digital change.

Qinying Liao, major system supervisor muslim dating at Microsoft, described in a Azure AI post the advantage of leveraging Personalized Neural Voice:

Empowered with this specific technology, Personalized Neural Voice allows users to construct highly-realistic voices in just a number that is small of audios. This technology that is new organizations to pay a tenth of this work typically necessary to prepare training information while in addition notably enhancing the naturalness for the artificial message production in comparison to old-fashioned training techniques.

In addition, Holger Mueller, major analyst and vice president at Constellation analysis Inc., told InfoQ:

To make computer systems more individual, message is really an ingredient that is crucial plus in 2020 enterprises have to leave through the robotic and standardized sounds, accents of artificial message within the past. The cloud allows this amount of individualized creation of individualized sound experience – with supply, low priced compute, and capacity that is operational. As they get a more human experience so it is a widespread use case across the IaaS / PaaS players – and suitable for enterprises and their customers, and even employees.

Finally, aside from the power to personalize TTS vocals models, Microsoft provides over 200 neural and voices that are standard 54 languages and locales.

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